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Domestic hot water with solar

Domestic hot water with solar energy

Product Image Daikin hot water solutions provide you with hot water of the highest quality because Daikin takes water hygiene very seriously.

Your benefits

Maintenance free

Daikin hot water solutions have been designed for easy installation, operation and maintenance. Thanks to the easy access of all components from the top and instantaneous hot water production.

Future proof

Daikin hot water solutions can be combined with the Daikin thermal solar collectors, so you can use the free power of the sun highly effectively. Next to that, the pump can be used as energy storage.

Fresh hot water

The absence of prolonged water storage has a major effect on the quality of the hot water produced. This water is healthier and serves to eliminate any risk of Legionnaire's disease.

Energy savings

These hot water solutions have an A-class energy label and this can even be increased to A++ when solar collectors are added.


1. Domestic hot water heat pump 2. Domestic hot water combined with your heating system
hot water pump1 hotwater_2
If you only need hot water, our domestic hot water heat pump is the most efficient solution on the market, as it extracts heat from the air.
Through a heat exchanger this heat is transferred directly to the storage tank – for hot water almost immediately.
To see how it works, click here.

If you want to have a combined hot water and heating system, we offer a wide range of top efficient heating systems with integrated
domestic hot water. 
Please click here for more information.

The anti-legionella hot water tank

The structure of the hot water tank ensures optimum water hygiene since the water to be heated is carried in a pipe system.
Deposits of sludge, rust, sediments and even the generation of dangerous legionella bacteria which can arise in large volume tanks are not possible.

Title: High-quality hot and fresh water| Daikin hot water heaters and solar energy

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Description: Thermal storage offers you hot and fresh water of the highest quality, with special emphasis on water hygiene.

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